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» Q: What's so great about Christianity?

» A: Try Jesus!

Wanna know how the heck I (of all people!) became Christian? Read my testimony online! (There's nothing too weird and freaky in there, I promise!)

crossI was not always a believer; in fact I was, at certain times in my life, an athiest. I came to faith through a process of careful examination. I'm by no means an "expert" in theology. But my purpose here is to present fairly a "case for Christ". The intent of this page to be a practical resource for those that have little previous knowledge of the Bible, church, etc. I have tried to keep a laid-back, open-minded approach.

    "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians." (Mahatma Gandhi)
It's true that many people unfortunately share this opinion. But please, don't base your judgement of Christianity on the worst Christians you know. Or even the best ones! Because all people miss the point in one way or another. No one is perfect ... not me, not you, not even the Pope. This is why I instead ask you to "Try Jesus" before attempting to try Christians! :)

Below is the one short thought piece I've written so far. I hope to write more in the future! :) If you have any questions, comments, etc. please contact me. Thanks for taking the time to check out this portion of my site, and I applaud you for your interest in this important topic.

NEW! - - My blog about faith, God, and ultimate meaning. Read & comment ... it's finally up and running :)

Article #1: How and why should we know God?
This short essay explores the questions: Can we know what God is really like? How can we possibly know that? And more importantly, why is discovering God the most important thing in our lives? (Approximately 3,200 words)

Warning: I originally wrote this article about a year after I became Christian, therefore it reflects an early stage in development of my thought. As I study more theology, I will probably make changes and additions to this writing. So please take what I say in this article with a grain of salt and make up your own mind about its relative worth :) More recent writing can be found on my faith blog.

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