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» Photo Gallery

Older photos were captured using my old HP 315 digital camera, which was ... well it was kinda crappy to be honest with you. But newer pictures were taken with my new Canon S400 digital camera, which is a significant improvement. Hope you enjoy the pics! Please don't hold 'em against me. ;)

People Pics

1st year university1st Year University Pics
My memorable/insane first year in residence

apartment220 Gordon #17
Pics at my apartment in Guelph!

acf retreatACF Winter Retreat 2003
An amazing experience in northern Ontario

acf bowlingBowling
ACF bowling trip

darcy tuckerDarcy Tucker
Meeting Darcy at an autograph signing

east res 738East Res 738
Life in East 738, my best year at uni! :)

east res 743East Res 743
Life in East 743, another great year at uni! :)

My awesome family! :)

I graduated from university? Sweet!

graduationiRevolution06 Conference
Campus Crusade's conference in beautiful Whistler, BC

weezerWeezer Trip
=w= rock, what else can I say?

Trip to Wonderland (I didn't take these)

Other Pics

east townhouseEast Townhouse
Our townhouse, before we wrecked it

campus 1Guelph Campus
Pics around campus, circa summer 2002

campus 2Guelph Campus 2
More pics of the campus, circa fall 2003

guitarGuitar Pics
Me with my new Ibanez GRX40 guitar ^_^

over the bridgeOver the Bridge
Outdoor pics, near my old apt in Guelph

what the!What the ... !
Weird stuff ... strange but true!!

More pictures hopefully coming soon! ;)
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