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» All About emmzee

emmzee's tiny pictureMy real name is Darren Hewer, I am 25 years old, and was born in (and still live in, while not at school) the town of Mississauga in the province of Ontario, Canada which is, as I always suspected, the best place in the world to live. ;)

I graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Information Systems & Human Behavior (it's very much like Computer Science). My time spent at Guelph was tons of fun, I met a lot of great friends, and the photos? Priceless. :)

I'm currently attending school at Tyndale University College & Seminary working towards a Master of Theological Studies degree, Christian Foundations major. My first year is nearly complete! :) I made my decision to accept Jesus as my savior on January 14th 2003; won't you consider visiting my Try Jesus page? (You may also be interested to learn why a computer science major becomes Christian; if so read my testimony here!)

emmzee's tiny pictureI previously worked for EDULINX Canada Corporation, who are, according to them, "Canada's leading student loan service bureau". Although there were some great people working there, I beg to differ with their assessment.

Some sites I visit daily: Joystiq for daily video games news, Engadget for daily gadget/tech news, and of course slashdot just to pretend that I'm a know-it-all computer geek. :P Stand to Reason is my current site of choice for apologetics concerns.

Favorite Song Lyrics:
If I had been born just a few years later, I would've been a big emo kid ;) I'm such a sap ^_^

your name is tattooed on my heart
by screeching weasel
well I know that our love is for real
but I thought you should know how I feel
so you're not going anywhere, won't fade away
cuz your name is tattooed on my heart
don't forget that I won't forget you
wherever I go, what I do
and should you slip my mind
I'll have this to remind me:
your name is tattooed on my heart

up in arms
by foo fighters
together now
I donít know how
this love could end
my lonely heart
it falls apart
for you to mend
international not you day
by no use for a name
without you
my life is incomplete
my days are absolutely gray
and so I'll try
let your heart know for sure
that I have so much more to tell you
every single day

utsukushii shibuya
by ozma
you trust in my intent
you must be heaven sent
I've been trying to find a girl for so long
that tears have often filled my eyes
under azure skies as we said our last goodbyes
I was trying to let you know that I love you so
you'll never know
but I love you so

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