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Web home of Darren Hewer (View my LinkedIn profile)
BA, University of Guelph (Information Systems & Human Behavior)
MTS, Tyndale University College & Seminary (Theological Studies)

I update my blog once in awhile at To learn more about who I am, read my story. Some points of interest are listed below. The old site is still available here. I may, at some point, update or create a new site here, but it probably won't be soon.

Why Faith? Blog - My blog where I investigate faith, religion, etc.
My Story - The story of how and why I became a Christian.
DOS Games - My first website, over 600 free DOS games. Currently working on an update for this one, but it's gunna take awhile! - Over 100 free Flash/Java games, mostly classic/retro style. Receives 10k+ visitors/day.

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